Have You Lost the Sunshine in Your Life?

Is your life bogged down with too many challenges? Are you convinced that “joy” and “cheer” are feelings you’ll never again experience? Dr. Sara Hunt Harper, R.N., M.S, Ph.D. offers help in a warm, safe, and competent setting for adults, adolescents, and children.

Dr. Harper specializes in nurturing forms of psychotherapy and incorporates a variety of techniques--pet therapy, biofeedback, and EEG biofeedback--to help people find more effective ways of living up to their physical, mental, and emotional potential. Here are some of the modalities she includes in her practice.

Are you going through some tough times? Need some stress management?

Are you experiencing some difficult times because of problems relating to your physical, mental, or emotional condition? Do you feel your situation is hopeless? It needn’t be.

Help is available. Dr. Harper opened her therapy practice, Stress Management Center, in Plano Texas in 1983, in order to help people improve their quality of life. More about Dr. Harper.


How Dysfunctional Families become Healthy Families

Are serious family problems infringing on other areas of your life? Sara Hunt Harper knows well how profoundly our families affect who we are, who we become, and how we interact with others. She teaches families how to cope with their stress. More on Dr. Harper’s marriage and family therapy practice.

Help for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Do you know someone with major Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)? Dr. Harper uses a digital EEG biofeedback system as an adjunct to the treatment of coma, vegetative state (VS), or persistent vegetative state (PVS). She has experienced solid success in cases that were considered hopeless. More on EEG biofeedback.

Pet Therapy

Dr. Harper incorporates pet therapy into both her biofeedback practice and her psychotherapy and group therapy practice. A pioneer in using pet therapy in private practice, Dr. Harper uses two therapy dogs (yellow Labrador Retrievers) and two Tonkinese therapy Cats-in-Training. More on pet therapy.

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